These are the faces of the hardworking women in Ghana that make the Fair Trade Unrefined Shea Butter that I use in many of my Body Care Products.  They are part of an organization called Project Ghana who works diligently to market these products and supply fair wages, while providing important income opportunities to both the women and their families who have very few alternatives.  I gladly pay more for my Shea Butter knowing that I'm helping to make a difference.

Shea butter is extracted from Shea nuts, produced by the Shea tree (Karite), which is known for its exquisite moisturizing properties. The rich, creamy texture and high content of non-saponifiable fats (Vitamin F) in the shea butter make it an ideal moisturizer, which has been known to help to assist with aging skin, eczema, dryness, and relief from skin irritation. Shea butter may also be used on the hair, as it has been known to help to moisturize dry scalps and may even stimulate healthy hair growth.

I'm very excited to offer a new Creation.  These Organic Face and Body Sprays are natural plant hydrosol's and are great for adding moisture to your face or body, a mood enhancer, or to cool a hot flash.  I have heard that Rose is an aphrodisiac and can be sprayed on food or drinks.  Please let me know how you enjoying using them. 

New Spa Gift Bags!


The newest addition to my product line is a wonderful Spa Gift Bag.  I've taken three of my hottest selling items at the Ventana Inn and Spa and combined them into one Spa Gift Bag.  I offer each bag in Lavender or Citrus scents.  This is a great gift or a treat for yourself.  Enjoy!
"I purchased the citrus shea butter lotion from Health Alert. I LOVE the smell and feel. Not heavy or greasy. Soaks right in. Maybe the most perfect lotion I have ever used. No BS here. I have only used it on my face. I really love it. Rob F." 

Thank you Rob.  I also love it and really appreciate that you do too. Kimberli
As Winter approaches I'm inspired to create for the Holidays.  My hands are very busy crafting so I'm ready for the gift giving season.  I now offer a 4 oz bottle of Shea Butter Lotion for $12.00, and all of my eye pillows are made from 100% Organic Cotton.  I'm also busy making lots of Holiday scented 100% Beeswax candles in votive and 4" round sizes.  I'm happy to gift wrap in a beautiful paper that is hand made in Tibet.  As always, I am happy to offer discounts too.  Happy Holidays.  
I'm so happy to announce the opening of True Clothing Store at the Del Monte Shopping Center in Monterey, California.  True sells clothing made of Organic Cotton and Bamboo.  Beautiful clothes to wear everyday and feel good about.  Also, you will find a full selection of Kimberli's Garden Creations.  Thank you True for making my Creations part of your wonderful store.
I am often asked how I got started creating my own organic, hand made, body care products and my answer is I was inspired by my beautiful Grandmother.  Not because she made her own body care products, but because she has always taken very good care of her skin.  When I turned 40, several years ago, she advised me to take great care of my skin because longevity runs in the family, (my Grandmother just turned 86).  So, I went shopping, and I  was quickly disappointed to find that my high standards of all organic ingredients, no chemical preservatives, and pure essential oil scents, did not match my budget.  With my "do it yourself" attitude I started researching how to make my own body care products from scratch.  All natural, fresh organic ingredients are very easy to find so I experimented with different recipes until I created something I loved.  As the years went by I started giving my Shea Butter Lotion as gifts to family and friends.  One such Creation was given to a friend who owns a retail clothing store and she started selling my body care products in Monterey, California.  I would like to thank her and all my family and friends for their encouragement, but most of all my Grandmother for her inspiration.
I did it.  I created my own website in one day.  I am so happy to be able to offer my Creations online to my friends and family and the rest of the world.  Wow, the whole wide world can have my Creations in their home and on their bodies.  I had better get busy creating.